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festiveparcels's Journal

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Festive Parcels
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Festive parcels: An Introduction

The basic idea of festive parcels is sending stuff to people. Simple, right? You can put anything in a festive parcel: CD's, books, art, newspaper clippings, zines, bits of maps, toys, videos, whatever. Send a parcel, get a parcel. Everyone's day gets a little brighter. And therefore the world is a better place. People start to hug thier parents. People start being nice to strangers. The Bernie Mac Show and Reba get cancelled. But before you start, here are some common sense suggestions:

1: Try to keep it cheap- This is not a firm rule; if you feel like you absolutly HAVE to order someone a recliner, go right ahead, but it will be more fun for everyone if it doesn't become a competition over who can send the most expensive thing. A $20 max (not counting shipping) seems sensible to me.

2: Be creative- The more interesting a parcel is, the more people are likely to enjoy it.

3: keep the weight in mind- You might not want to pay $54 in shipping, so you'll want to keep the weight of your parcel down.

4: Don't give your address to creepy people- If someone seems untrustworthy, they are probably untrustworthy. If you feel like someone is going to stalk you and hide in the back seat of your car, you probably shouldn't give your address to that person. Also, you might consider getting a PO Box.

5: Keep it legal and not horribly obscene- Remember that if you don't KNOW the person you're sending something to, they may not be interested in 8"x10" glossy photos of people railing sheep, and it would not be likely to brighten thier day. Please no abuse, the idea is to make people happy.

6: Don't post your address publicly- This just seems like a good suggestion in general, not just for here. Posting your address online is a lot like writing it on the wall of a public bathroom.

7: Reciprocate- If someone goes to the trouble of sending you something, it would be nice to send them something back. If you never send anyone anything, no one will send you anything.

That's about all I can think of. Have fun, kids.

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